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Better Grits?

In a place where grits are practically a religion, it’s not easy to impress. So when some of Georgia’s finest chefs began raving about the grits coming from a small farm in Athens, we couldn’t help but take notice. They’re called Red Mule grits, and culinary heavyweights including chefs Shane Touhy (Dogwood), Hugh Acheson (Five & Ten, Empire State South), and Ford Fry (JCT. Kitchen and Bar) have all become devotees. “The grits have a light grind, almost feathery, but still have the bite you want in grits,” says Touhy, who shows them off in a grits flight, prepared three ways. “Even cooking them the way I do with heavy cream and butter, the grits still have an almost whipped and airy quality to them.” (Click here to see Touhy’s recipe for creamy Red Mule grits topped with homemade pimento cheese.)

The grits are the work of Tim and Alice Mills, of Mills Farm, who take a decidedly old-fashioned approach. So much so that Tim set about building a gristmill on their three-acre farm. The horsepower behind the operation is Luke, a 1,250-pound sorrel-colored mule. Each batch of certified organic corn is ground to order, ensuring the optimal freshness and flavor that has chefs so excited. In addition to grits, the Mills also offer polenta de Georgia (a finer grained version), and cornmeal.

For Ordering Red Mule Grits

Please contact

Alice Mills (706) 543-8113

List prices:
Grits (2 lb): $5.00
Cornmeal (2 lb): $4.00
Polenta de Georgia (2 lb): $4.50

Prices reflect cost of the product only. Does not include shipping charges. Please call ahead to get the correct total for product and shipping.

For availability and price that will include your shipping, please contact Alice Mills


Mills Farm
150 Harve Mathis Rd
Athens, GA 30601
PHONE: (706) 543-8113




Mills Farm, Red Mule GritsTim Mills of Mills Farm pours corn to be ground into Red Mule Grits.




Mills Farm, Red Mule Grits